Group conflict | Management homework help


Your assignment: write 4 pages 

Your role: You are a small group communication consultant.   You are very successful in diagnosing conflict in small group behaviors and   helping the members find a more harmonious communication style. 

A group (one of the groups below) has contacted you for   your assistance. The group has conflicts every time they meet. The leader of   the group would like you to sit in on one of their meetings and show them a   more cooperative communication style. 

For this activity find a group meeting where you are sure   overt conflict or covert conflict will occur: a Church Council meeting; a   meeting of the Student Government; a city Council meeting; a staff meeting at   a hospital; a Board of Trustees meeting; any university faculty meeting; a   neighborhood planning meeting, etc.

After you have observed this group’s meeting write a   recommendation for them. You will call your report “The Six Hats Theory of   Group Harmony.” Use the “Six Hats” analysis section above and tell the group   your suggestions for running the meetings more productively. 


Explain each “hat” in your   paper in such a way as to demonstrate to me that you understand each concept.   



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