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Health Screening Across the Life Span

  Each student of the group should together visit with the family to interview, assess, and determine any needs. Students should then develop their plan, seek resources, references before returning to the family. Students will most likely need to meet with their families 2 to 3 times during the quarter. The plan is developed in the second part during the second visit.  In this second assignment for the Project, your small group will determine what health screening will be needed for each family member. Describe the tool(s) that should be used, and what challenges you might have in conducting the health screening. Also discuss what, if any, injury prevention strategies should be considered

Each group is to identify a family with which to work. It is recommended that the family include children and from a culturally diverse population (other than own culture). The family needs to agree to work with the students. The group is to seek “approval from course family” prior to meeting with the family for the first formal visit.