HCS 325 (Health Care Management) Complete Course Week 1-5 A+ Graded

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HCS 325 (Health Care Management)


Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1


There are four cyclic steps described as the functions of management. Consider only one of the components described in these functions or processes and describe if and how this component is utilized to enhance the role and function of a health care manager?

Week 1 DQ 2

In the role of a health care manger, you are expected to respond to daily urgent and emergency situations as they arise by mobilizing your staff and available resources to attain specific objectives. How would you describe the function of control involved here?


Week 1 Assignment:

Roles and Functions Paper    (550+ Words)



Week 2


Week 2 DQ 1


Which type of organizational structure in health care is more effective and why?

Week 2 DQ 2

What is the difference between informal and formal communication? What impact does it have on change?


Week 2 Assignment:


Effective Communication Paper (2250+ Words)



Week 3


Week 3 DQ 1


Utilization of a SWOT Analysis is a common method of comparing Internal and External factors that impact an organization. What is the benefit of this type of analysis for a healthcare organization?  


Week 3 DQ 2

As the manager of a critical care unit, you are noticing inconsistencies in how your employees are recording vital information about patients. What internal and external controls could you set up to improve the record keeping? Why would you use this type of control and what are your thoughts/experiences related to controls in financial or human resource management?

Week 3 Assignment:


Organizational Structure Presentation (550+ Words)

Week 4


Week 4 DQ 1

Setting goals can be effective motivation. What should a manager and employee do in order to make goal setting effective?

Week 4 DQ 2

You are a manager of a five-member customer service team. Two members of the team are stars, and the other three members are average workers. The two star team members are competitive, and their competition creates friction within your team. What can you do to respond to this conflict? Why?

Week 4 Assignments:

Motivational Methods Paper ( 2200+ Words)




Week 5


Week 5 DQ 1


What are some appropriate topics for an organization’s formal code of ethics to address?

What might be considered an inappropriate topic for the formal code of ethics?

Week 5 DQ 2

How is social responsibility different from ethics?

Provide an example of an organization behaving in a socially responsible manner.

Week 5 Assignments:

                                    Week 5 Presentation Outline

                                    Week 5 (Organizational Structure Presentation) 17 Slides