health and policy

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We are looking this week at all the different pieces of the puzzle that create, fund and execute health care initiatives. Please select either one of the committees or sub committees described in Table 2.1 of our e-text on pages 15 and 16 or one of the offices or operating divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services Figure 2-3 in our e-text at page 25.

Please (1) describe the functions of the entity you have selected (what does it DO?) and

(2) go to  and search for a job at one of the agencies listed in Figure 2-3 by entering part or all of the name into the search box, e.g. Finance Committee, or Labor, etc. You MUST select a job in the Federal, State or City government for WHICH YOU COULD BE QUALIFIED. Posts listing things like physician or occupational therapist will not get any credit. .