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Summative assessments are generally planned during the program design, so that when the courses are designed later, the course designers know what the students need to know and be able to do as a result of each course. This is why you are working on completing the actual assessments before you complete the syllabus and lesson plans for the course you are working on. This is called Universal Design or Backward Design and there is plenty of research to support this topic if you are interested.

Using all of the materials you have developed thus far, you are going to create a summative assessment and two formative assessments to be used in the course you are designing. For examples of summative assessments that are acceptable in your content area, go back to your SPA standards. On the website for your SPA, type SPA assessments into the search engine. There, you will typically find five to eight types of assessments deemed acceptable for your content area. Choose one summative assessment to create for the course you are developing. Your summative assessment must yield data that can reflect whether students have mastered the two to three competencies you chose for the course. You will create the actual assessment, rather than just a description of the assessment. If you use information from other sources to create your assessment, please cite appropriately. However, this assessment needs to be unique and cannot be something that is used in its entirety in another course or program.

Once you finish your summative assessment, create two formative assessments that would measure one or two of the objectives that you wrote for the course. Again, these assessments must be unique and must be actually created.

You will submit your summative assessment and two formative assessments as one deliverable to your instructor. Make sure you clearly label the competencies you are assessing for the summative assessment, and the objectives you are assessing for the formative assessment so that your instructor can give you appropriate feedback