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Application: Using Performance Reports to Inform Organizational Decisions

Very often, managers are called upon to make decisions “by the numbers.” In this Assignment, you will sort through a budget report from the fictitious Honey Bear Confections (HBC) organization in order to make decisions about productivity levels.

HBC is a small organization dedicated to making bear-shaped sweets with honey as a sugar substitute. You have just been promoted to a position as manager of the production department at HBC when your supervisor shows you the following report. She tells you to “get it fixed.” You suspect she is alluding to a problem with productivity and efficiency.

For this Assignment, review the Static Budget Report provided. Additionally, you may find valuable information in your course text, especially Exercise 6-3.

HINT: for more information about this, see the Weekly Briefing and the Performance Report video.

Honey Bear Confections (HBC)

Manufacturing Overhead Static Budget Report

For the Month Ended June 20XX