HPR 303 Week 2 Discussion 1

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Research three radio/audio announcements on health issues (not health products or pharmaceuticals). Identify whether numeracy was used within the announcements. If numeracy was applied, examine the appropriateness of its use for that message and intended audience. If numeracy was not applied, discuss how such an application would have improved the message overall and for its intended audience.

Utilizing your analysis, recreate one of the radio announcements using appropriate numeracy and other health literacy skills learned so far in this course. Pay attention to your speaking skills – tone, inflection, etc.

Note: In preparation for your audio recording, it may be helpful to look at scripts and actual examples (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. of radio ads. For this assignment, you are required to speak via screencast, or video your recreation of one of these radio announcements.

Guided Response: Review the revised audio announcement from at least two of your classmates. Explain how numeracy was used. Based on their audio announcement, identify the target audience that would be most receptive to this communication and explain why.