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Nutrition and Physical Fitness Plan Instructions

1. Create a meal diary for yourself for one day. Create a healthy version of each meal and snack and an unhealthy version. Write a summary of the meal including the required elements listed. Answer the questions located below the table. You will need to perform an internet search or app search for a nutrition tracker. Be sure you reflect on the tracker you choose for your discussion in class.



Healthy Meal    Components

Meal summary    including calories, fat, and general health value









a. Discuss which meal diary is more reasonable for you when considering work and family schedules. (100 to 200 words)

b. Is it possible to eat healthy meals when dining outside of the home? Why or why not? Provide examples. (100 to 200 words)

2. Create a physical fitness plan for yourself. List 3 physical activities, including workout details and health benefits of the activity.



How many times    per week? Length of workout?

Health benefits    including calories burned.





a. Should the calories burned in a workout be the primary concern when choosing a workout routine? Why or why not? (100 to 200 words)