Ideology survey

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Go to the link below and take the quick ethical ideology survey. Once completed, discuss your results with the class (be sure to write down the information as it’s presented on your screen while taking the survey) and explain how knowing your ethical ideology could help you as a child and family life professional.

Ethics Position Questionnaire

The purpose of this assignment is to have you critically analyze your own personal beliefs and how they might help or hinder you as a child and family development professional.(400 words)  I scored High-Idealism what means I believe that a desirable outcome can always be achieved as long as the action I took was appropriate.  High for Relativism result shows , I tend to reject the use of universal moral rules, when making moral judgments. My self-efficacy is also high .  I believe I’m going succeed , no matter what.  I also found out that I am a situationist, what means to abandon the rigid concepts of “right” and “wrong” and argue that each situation must be addressed separatelly.