Information Systems Management

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Identify a skill or knowledge that you learned in this course, and explain how you can apply it to increase success in your career in a real-world scenario.

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.



The skills that taught me the most in this course were ways to make collaboration more effective with the information management systems we have available to us.  The second skill that stuck out was the amount of data we have available to us every single day and to effectively utilize it we need to turn it into information.  It still amazes me how much data we have available for us to use every day and if we don’t manage it in a clear and precise way it is useless.  These two skills will help exponentially in my career growth because I collaborate on a daily basis using information systems like cloud storage and file sharing.  The different methods we learned have already started to make their way into my daily work life.