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 I have a REAL project which is an online internship for my MBA program, for the ‘International Marketing” course. Please read the instructions to understand what the project and the requirements are. This assignment is 60% of my final grade for this course and is the most important one for me.  

I have attached 2 documents, please read all the information and do research about this company. I need the part number (5 & 6) which are highlighted in blue, in the document by the name of ” Final Group Project” 

Previously, you have sent me part (5), but I would like to have part 5 and 6 together. So please review part 5 in the attachment and then write part 5 and 6 both together. NO SIMILARITY PLZ

APA style + references. 

Due date:  March 23, before noon ———–> Time Zone:  PST 

It is really important for me, Please make sure you will do research about it and will write based on the information I send you. Thank you.