Javascript exercises *do not bid if you do not know javascript*

This is basic-level JavaScript. Nothing fancy.

1. Complete the definition of the Employee hierarchy from figures 11-4 and 11-5 (BOTH are in the files attached USE THEM)by defining the CommissionedEmployee and SalariedEmployee.

2. Inheritance comes up naturally in many cases. If you were writing a chess program, you could represent the pieces by defining an abstract ChessPiece class along with the subclasses King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn for the different piece types. The chess pieces class keeps track of the color and location of the piece. The individual subclasses extend this common framework by implementing the moves for that particular piece. Write the necessary code to define the classes shown in the UML diagram (attached). The factory methods for the concrete classes each take an argument bw, which is either “B” or “W” and a designation for the location of the piece composed of the letter indicating the column and a number indicating the row.  An example would be calling Queen(“W”, “d1”) would create a white queen on d1 which is its initial square. The challenge in this exercise is to implement the getMoves method for each concrete subclasses. This method needs to return an array of all of the two-character locations to which that piece can move from its current square assuming that the rest of the board was empty. The white chess pieces can move to any of the squares marked with an x and the black can move to any marked with an o. The white pawn in the last diagram can move either one or two squares because it is in its initial position on row 2, but the black pawn can only move to one square because it has already moved from its initial position on row 7. I have attached the image of the diagram. 

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