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Film Critique/ Create a 400 word film review supported by the research you do below. Critically review and discuss the impact of the movie on the genre of film. Identify and Reply to a classmate’s post . 

33 unread replies.22 replies.Review of a professional movie critic’s review of a movieIn this assignment you will be REVIEWING A MOVIE REVIEW written by a professional movie critic.  The purpose of this assignment is for you to exercise your critical thinking skills by assessing someone else’s critical thinking skills.  FIRST, you will choose a movie that your really love or that you really hate.

THEN, do on online search for a movie review written by a professional critic — look to sources like newspapers –The New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle, magazines — The New Yorker and Film Comment, and internet sites –Prodigy and Slate.   These are excellent sources of professional movie reviews.  You also may use the database on to find a professional movie critic’s review. 

Choose from one of these sources or from any other professional movie critic. 

DO NOT USE personal blogs as your source.  Use the work of a professional movie critic from a professional, well-known source, and it needs to be a review of the movie, not a plot summary. 

How do you know the difference between a plot summary and a movie review?  Plot summaries are short (sometimes a page or less) and are written in order to provide basic information about the film, usually order to entice you to see a film.  Plot summaries summarize the storyline of the film; they do not critically analyze the film.  Movie reviews are more lengthy and they will analyze different elements of the film, including plot, characters, acting, cinematography, directing, costume, set, lighting, editing, etc.

SO REMEMBER, a movie review is not the same thing as a plot summary. Choose a movie you really love or a movie you really hate. Then find a review of the movie written by a professional critic. Print out a copy of the review and  have it available in electronic form . Identify two points the critic makes about your movie with which you agree and two points the critic makes with which you disagree. Copy and paste these points into your discussion post and turn each one into a bullet point

Do not write an essay.   Just create a bullet point list and write explanatory text  about the points  you are presenting.