Marketing class homework 2 questions

Access the Marketing Plan for Hillside Veterinary Clinic. Read the section on “Marketing Strategy”. Answer and discuss the following questions:

1- What goods and services does Hillside Veterinary Clinic sell?

2-What consumer product classes are offered by Hillside Veterinary Clinic?

3-Base on what you have read in the chapter, what marketing mix is typical for different classes of products? Does the marketing strategy recommended in the marketing plan fit with those considerations? Why or why not?

The first 3 questions should be answered in your initial post. For your reply posts, please discuss the following:

1- Are there additional products and services that Hillside should consider offering?  Why or why not?

2- Should their marketing mix be altered in any way? If so, how? If not, why not?



2.  Read through the Marketing Strategy section and answer and discuss the following:

1- What are Hillside’s promotion objectives? How do they differ for the various goods and services the company offers?

2-Do the promotion activities recommended in the plan fit with the promotion objectives?  Compare them. 

3-Based on the situation analysis, target market, and intended positioning, recommend other (low-cost) promotion activities for Hillside.

This is an excellent example to explore what marketing consultants do for a living. Feel free to bring in outside information if needed, to substantiate your comments. Use outside information also to add to the conversation. Your posts should be a minimum of 4-5 sentences and contribute to the conversation. Just agreeing or diagreeing does not constitute a good post.

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