Marketing is not a department

   You can find the online version of the article . 

With the understanding after you read the above article by Shapiro, I hope you agree that in an organization with market orientation, essentially every employee is in the marketing business, barring none.

If everyone in the organization shares this philosophy, then the organization is called a market-oriented organization.

What should organizations do to become market oriented?  There is some guidance already. An example is here to an external site.

If you agree all these points that have been made, it is hard to argue why, in an organization, each person’s job is not a piece of marketing.

Marketing is the raison d’être for any organization, and every member of the organization is in it, if when s/he does not have a marketing job title.

For an organization, market orientation should be a mindset, its culture, with the associated values and beliefs embedded in its systems.

For this assignment, discuss either a positive example or a negative example of an organization regarding this mindset/culture.  If you choose to write about a positive example, please discuss, based on your knowledge/observation, how in various units of the business employees with different titles work together to deliver customer value, and reflect on what you learn from this positive example.

If you choose to discuss a negative example, please describe how employees in various units fail to deliver customer value on a consistent basis. Please also reflect on what you learn from this negative example.

You may discuss either an organization which you heard or read about, one that you have worked for, or one of which you were/are a customer. 

Also please note that I used the word “organization”, not “business”, because marketing is for any organization, not only businesses.

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