MIS 535 Managerial Application of IT Mid Term Exam Devry

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MIS 535 Week 4 Midterm (Sep 2013)


  (TCO A) Cloud computing (Points : 10) (TCO A) Networking and telecommunications technologies, along with computer hardware, software, data management technology, and the people required to run and manage them, constitute an organization’s (Points : 10) (TCO B) The value chain model (Points : 10) (TCO C) Which common database challenge is illustrated by the text’s discussion of receiving multiple pieces of the same direct mail advertising with an identical address? (Points : 10) (TCO D) Which of the following is not an example of the emerging mobile computing platforms? (Points : 10) (TCO A) Define operational excellence. How can information systems help achieve it? (Points: 25) (TCO B) List three organizational factors that can prevent a firm from fully realizing the benefits of a new information system, and provide examples of each. (TCO C) List and describe three main capabilities or tools of a DBMS. (TCO D) Describe the effect of cloud computing on traditional IT infrastructure.