MUSC Week 3 Discussion

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Due:  3/28/17 at 18:00 or 6pm GMT+1 Timezone


Write a 3 paragraph response to one of the following discussion topics. Include a reference and use intext citation in APA format. In 2 -3 sentences explain why you used that reference. Then select an image that reflects your post and explain why you chose that image.



Select 1 out of these discussion topics to do a response on:

 Analyze one listening example from this week’s course materials in terms of Instrumentation (categories, including voices), Texture (monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, anti-phonic), Rhythm/meter (rubato, metrical, which meter, tempo changes), Melody-lyric relationships (melismatic, syllabic, ornamented, high-low) and Structure. If there are distinct sections, how are they recognized?Based on the examples of music from the Native American Church you heard this week, how does this music compare with music you have heard in your own faith tradition or a faith tradition that you are most familiar with?  Think of similarities and differences in instruments used, styles of singing and the context of the music in the two faith traditions.What specific characteristics of the Native American music you have heard distinguish it from the European or American classical or popular music you are familiar with?What is the role of music in Native American cultures? How is Native American music diverse and complex?How do traditional Native Americans understand the causes and cures for disease? What is the role of music in curing?  How does this compare with your understanding of disease and curing?What influences in modern American life can you suggest that may have affected Native American music?  What changes would such influences cause?Does the classification of music as Native American come from musical content, the ethnicity of its creators and performers, or a combination of both? If a piece of music makes no use of typical Native American traits such as vocables, drums, and rattles, is the composition considered to be Native American?How does the music of the Native American Church differ from traditional Native American music?  What might account for the difference?If you have ever been to a powwow, please discuss your experiences there.