Neural circuit discussion | Anatomy homework help

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In your post, please choose a part of any neural circuit (for example, sensory neuron, upper or lower division motor neuron, interneuron, neurotransmitter) and describe the following:

  1. Describe the cell of your choice and its position in the circuit.
  2. What leads to the activation of a chosen cell and how does it respond to a single stimulus or multiple stimuli?
  3. Is the sensory input, integration, or motor output involved?
  4. Does a chosen neural cell have single or multiple functions?
  5. Would you find the cell of your choice in the brain, spinal cord, or periphery? Is a chosen cell type distributed throughout the body or localized in specific regions?
  6. Are there any drugs that work on a chosen cell and how these drugs modify the cell function(s)?
  7. What happens if there is damage in the cell of your choice or defect in a circuit in which your cell is involved?
  8. What are prognoses for regeneration or restoration of function if the cell and circuit of your choice are damaged?