NUR502 Week 2 Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity

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NUR502 Week 2 Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity

Grand Canyon University

NUR-502 Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice

Dr. Nora Hamilton

As a nurse, professional communication is paramount, either communicating with our patients, their family members, our colleagues and other healthcare workers. It’s also very important to be culturally competent as a nurse because we see and take care of people from different works of life. According to DeNisco & Barker, “communication is a complex process of transmitting a message between a sender and a receiver” (DeNisco & Barker, 2015). There are different types of communication, it is more than the exchange of verbal information; in fact, and the majority of communication is nonverbal. Therefore, as nurses, we should be proficient in all types of communications, both verbal, non-verbal and written. The purpose of this paper is to choose a cultural group, and explain how to professionallycommunicate with them bykeeping their cultural background in mind. The cultural group I choose is Mexican American Women; I specifically chose this cultural group because the first job as an RN right after my BSN program was at a county hospital and majority of my patients were Hispanic