Part 4

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Course Project Part 4

As part of the course project in Week 4, you need to examine human resources (HR) of the NPO you selected for W1 Project. Include members of the board of directors as well as volunteers. When reviewing each personnel, consider his or her title, roles, and responsibilities.

Create a report using Microsoft Word that includes the following: Review the personnel manual, if available. Identify all personnel, including the staff, the board of directors, and volunteers. Descriptions of personnel, including their roles and responsibilities. Develop a brief online survey to gather demographical information about personnel. Search the Internet to identify free online survey software and sample organizational charts or diagrams. Analyze survey findings. The summary of survey findings, tables, and figures as appropriate. An organizational chart or diagram in the Microsoft Word format, which depicts the structure of all personnel in the organization. Submission Details: Submit your assignment in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.