Persuasive essay outline | English homework help

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Students are to present a persuasive speech on a current, controversial topic of state, regional, or international importance.  The speech should contain two to three main points designed to persuade the audience for or against a question of fact, value, or policy.


7-8 minutes 

Required Materials:  

A complete preparation outline, visual aid, and bibliography are required.

  • Outline:  Use the outline provided
    • Be sure that you support each point that you make with evidence and reasoning. If you need to jog your memory, please refer to the previous chapters we have studied. Do not include your bibliography on your outline. It is a separate assignment.
  • Visual Aid:  Click here to see specifics regarding Visual Aids. This will be a PowerPoint presentation delivered during the speech.
  • Bibliography:  A bibliography of sources (in proper APA style bibliographic form) used in the speech must accompany this speech.  Click here to learn how to cite sources in APA style.  Types of sources are books, periodicals, interviews, websites, and so forth. 
  • For a grade of “A,” at least eight (8) sources should support your speech. Be sure to use different supporting material types (online periodical, books, pamphlets, interviews, credible websites, and so forth).  The supporting material (sources) should be indicated and highlighted out to the side of where you used them on the outline submitted to the instructor (example:,, and so forth). You will also indicate your complete bibliographic citation on a separate bibliography assignment.


Do not forget to cite your sources in your speech presentation. For instance, “According to CNN news online,” or “These statistics came from USA today online.” You need to include this information in your speech as you deliver it. I even ask that you write it into your outline in parentheses (highlighting it in yellow) so you know where the information was found. [Example: B. Types of Skin Cancer (]