Physical security | Engineering homework help

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3.5 written pages 

Research the case of Berg v. Allied Security Inc. Chicago. Provide me the following information:

  1. An overview of the case (provide a detailed case review)
  2. Was the design and evaluation of the security system adequate?
  3. Was CPTED concept applied properly?
  4. Were Monitors of IP/CCTV Displayed properly?
  5. Was the alarm communication and display adequate?


Papers are to be double spaced, using a ‘Book Antiqua’, in black, and the font size must be 12. No cover page is required. Page numbering, including the first page, is to be placed in the lower right-hand corner of your pages. Only 8 footnotes per paper are acceptable. You must list at least five references. All papers are to be no more than 8 pages. Footnotes and endnotes are to be used in the MLA or APA format.