Political science – discussion 3

For this discussion, you will answer the following questions.

Module 3 Discussion Question #1  

Start by going to a news source and finding a recent article about the 2020 presidential election.   What is your news source, what is the title of the article and do you believe this news source was objective or biased in its reporting? Use the All Sides website   and/or Student News Daily   to critique your news source’s article.  Remember to properly cite your news source and the reference websites.  Your answer should be 5-10 sentences long.

Module 3 Discussion Question #2 

For this discussion question please first visit the Open Secrets  website and look through the list of SuperPACs.  As you scroll through this list, click on a few of the SuperPACs and look to see how much money has been raised and how it is being spent. Choose one SuperPAC from the list that interests you.   In your answer be sure to state the name of the SuperPAC, explain if this SuperPAC is “liberal” or “conservative”, state how much money this SuperPAC has raised and how it has spent its money (for or against).  Also answer how this SuperPAC effect our political system?  Remember to properly cite the Open Secrets website.  Your answer should be 5-10 sentences long. 

Module 3 Discussion Question #3.

First, please spend some time looking through the information provided the Ballotpedia website. (Links to an external site.) Based on the registered parties and voting results do you believe that the current elected politicians represent the whole of the American people?  Why or why not?   Remember to cite the Ballotpedia website.  Your answer should be 5-10 sentences long.  

For full credit

  • You must answer each question.  
  • Each of your answers should be written in at least one complete paragraph (so a minimum of 3 paragraphs).
  • You will not be able to come back and edit your answers so be sure to check for grammar and properly cite any sources outside of our lectures and our online textbook.   

website links: Open Secret: https://www.opensecrets.org/political-action-committees-pacs/super-pacs/2020

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