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hroughout this course you have been developing programs to learn  about different features of the VB.NET language. For the final Portfolio  Project assignment you are to submit two separate Word or PDF files,  zipped together, with the information specified below. Both files must  follow all APA citation and formatting requirements in the CSU-Global  Guide to Writing and APA (http://csuglobal.libguides.com/apacitations)

  1. In your first Word or PDF file submit completed solutions for  all Critical Thinking assignments and programs for modules 1 through 7.  If any fixes to your solution were noted by the instructor, they should  be incorporated into your final submitted solution, and the fixes that  were made should be clearly indicated. If no fixes were necessary, then  simply include your original solution. For all VB.NET programs include  any source code you needed to develop or modify and screen snapshots of  all your program outputs. Make sure that your 7 assignment or program  solutions are in the correct module order in your file, and clearly  numbered and labeled. For each assignment or program write a short  summary of the assignment noting where applicable any program features  that were highlighted, e.g. object-oriented program design, processing  user inputs, inheritance, constructor modification, GUI features,  handling user events, etc. Your short summaries for each assignment or  program should follow directly after each corresponding module’s  solution.
  2. In your second Word or PDF file write a short summary of at least 2  double-spaced pages of your experience with VB.NET in this course and  how you feel you’ve progressed with your ability to write programs using  this programming language. Include any lessons learned.

Ensure that both of your project deliverables are included  before submitting your assignment. Then zip everything together in a  single file and submit it.

Note: I attracted all modules 1 through 7 below.

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