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Below you will find a list of articles that focus on critical consciousness and its application within the system of education in the United States. You will pick an article to read, and you are asked to develop a  PowerPoint to share with the rest of the class. Your PowerPoint will need to provide a critical analysis of the article based upon the theoretical and practical implications of the article. In other words, how does the author seek to change what we think and what we do? The PowerPoint should contain the following sections:

1. A summary of the article and its overall message: What precisely is the author telling us?

2. A philosophical statement about how “critical consciousness” is addressed and/or defined in the article and a consideration of the importance of that definition. How does the definition differ (or not) from the other works that we have been reading in class.

3. An overview of the author’s message applies to the educational system, society, and the larger cultural context. What does the author criticize? What needs to be changed? How does it need to be changed?

4. Discuss the personal impact of the article for your own self-development, considering specifically what it has taught you about the need for social justice and social action.

The PowerPoint should be  a minimum of 7 slides.

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