Principles of project mgmt discussion forum | PGMT-510 | Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Below are the discussion questions 9 and 5 respectively at the end of chapter 6 in the attached book (it′s a pdf document). Please follow the instructions, I am looking for some good content and 100% plagiarism free work.

Assessment: You will be assessed on 1) content and 2) completeness (e.g., use of in-text citation of references used for summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting and other writing mechanics) and word count. 

Question 1: Give an example of a time you have used push, pull, and interactive communication methods. Why did you choose the method you did based on the circumstances? (Minimum 200 words)

Question 2: In your opinion, what is the greatest benefit of having good communication between the project team and project stakeholders? Why? (Minimum 400 words)

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