Research on general therapy outcomes

Which of the following approaches stress pragmatic goals, establishing a therapeutic alliance as quickly as possible, and focusing on a current crisis or problem?
July 31, 2019
Major functions of the temporal lobes
July 31, 2019

PSY 560 Clinical Psychology

7. Clinicians and bookstore owners would be well advised to note that
all self-help books are likely to be helpful, if the purchaser believes they will
be helpful (an indicator of the placebo effect.)
it is important to keep up with the recommendations of personalities such
as Oprah and Dr. Phil, as these are the books that will best serve the clients or
many self-help books are not written by experts, may contradict one another,
and may not provide solid, helpful information.
if a book has been published by a major publishing house, it will be guaran-
teed to be helpful.
The theorist who argued that the spontaneous remission rate for individuals
who did not receive therapy was higher than the remission rates for those who
did was
Carl Rogers.
Sigmund Freud.
Martin Seligman.
Hans Eysenck.
More recent research on general therapy outcomes that used methods other
than Box Score Reviews indicates
clients who receive psychotherapy actually fare no better than those who do
individuals who receive psychotherapy fare as well as those who do not.
e. most forms of psychotherapy produce better outcomes than no treatment.
specific types of therapy produced very different effectiveness levels with dif-
ferent clients.
10. .studies combine and compare the results of many
Combined groups
Box Scores
11. The Consumer Reports study of client satisfaction indicated that
most clients are satisfied with the therapy they received, but only if it was
behaviorally oriented.
most clients are satisfied with the therapy they received, but only if it was
most clients are satisfied with the therapy they received, no matter what type
of therapy it was.
most clients are unsatisfied with the therapy they received.


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