Research Paper

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10 page (minimum less title and reference pages), double-spaced paper written in MS-Word and APA format examining one of the contemporary issues discussed during this course in detail (The Use of PMC’s in Military Operations and Planning).  A reference page must follow the text (5-7 sources). An abstract is not desired. ENSURE the assignment is 10 pages of written text without excessive spacing. Again, cover page and references are not considered a page. In addition, ensure you have a running header and page numbers on the upper right.

The paper must identify the following:

The contemporary issue (define it)

Discuss the issue from at least two viewpoints (comparison and contrast)

Define its applicability to the security profession

Provide a summation

Technical Requirements:

Length: 10 pages, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font

Citations/References:  You must use the APA style for this assignment.

Submission:  All work should be prepared in Microsoft Word format and submitted as an attachment.