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What is the relationship between teaching and management? Teaching is when a teacher directs and guides students as they embark on the journey of learning. The teacher imparts knowledge and understanding to the students through the process of learning. A teacher develops a relationship or bond with the students.  Also, the teacher creates an environment that encourages and motivates the students to want to learn. From my point of view managing a classroom is the biggest part about teaching. The teacher uses different techniques to set up his or her classroom to motivate and enhance the student’s learning. I believe that it is impossible to have an effective classroom without the teacher managing his or her classroom. I will use a recipe for example(baking a cake), you have to have certain ingredients in order for the cake to turn out great and you have to read the instructions also. When you teach there are different resources that must be used in order to have an effective classroom. You have to have certain tools.The key is classroom management. As a teacher you will encounter different types of behavior( create a behavioral chart, create classroom rules( for the students to understand the do’s and don’ts in the classroom), a routine, and rewards to reinforce positive and negative behavior.

Yuatta Walton