Risks and managing | Education homework help


In this week’s assignment, we see how external pressures from competitive shifts and internal pressure for a new leader can drive change. Practice using what you have learned to counsel Jack White on how to plan this change in a way that will minimize resistance and risks to achieve success.

Read the following scenario from Ch. 8, “Resistance to Change,” of Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach:

a 525- to 700-:

  • Identify the risks associated with the need for change in Strickland Corporation.
  • Describe the different approaches (at least two) Jack may consider that could be used to manage resistance.
  • Examine/describe best an approach that would be appropriate in minimizing resistance to change.

Format your consistent with APA guidelines.

In this, there should be at least four level one headings. Also, use at least two scholarly sources and our readings at least once.

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