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 e ABS 300 Week Five Discussion Clinical Neuropsychological Report for Ms. Thompson. Review Ms. Thompson report and answer the following:

  Compile a list of alternative psychological tests that could be  administered to Ms. Thompson to measure each of the ability areas  addressed in the clinical neuropsychological report. Your list must include at least one valid and reliable psychological  test for each of the following categories: General Cognitive  Assessment, Attention Test(s), Language Test(s), Visuospatial Test(s),  Learning/Memory Test(s), and Test(s) of Reasoning/Abstraction. For the second part of your discussion post, present the list of  alternative tests that you compiled and include relevant information  from the course text or a peer-reviewed journal article to support your  choices.  Then review  Fixed versus Flexible Neuropsychological Test Batteries.   page 558 in Cohen, R. J., Swerdlik, M.  E., & Sturman, E. D. (2013).  Psychological testing and assessment:  An introduction to tests and measurement, 8/e. New York: McGraw Hill  and answer the following:

. What  are your thoughts and reactions in response to this information? In  your opinion, what is the most important message to mental health  professionals based on the implications of Daubert and Chapple?