Schools of thought regarding philippians 2:12 paper

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These are two separate essays:

Essay #1 write a summary of the “schools of thought” regarding the meaning of this Philippians 2:12 (i.e., the various ways this verse is understood and the arguments used for each). (This will be Part 2 of the research paper). This submission should be (2)pages in length. Turabian Bibliography format.

Essay #2 write a “personal analysis” of Philippians 2:12 (this will be Part 3 of the research paper). For this assignment, you will list in 2 pages of your understanding of what Phil 2:12 means. Make sure that you interact with the positions noted in Part 2 of the paper and make sure you give reasons for your interpretation. The grade for this assignment is simply an indication of how you are progressing on the research paper. Turabian bibliography format.