Semester Project

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Your third and fourth sources will be selected from the Library Reference and Newspaper Databases. Please select your sources from one or more of the following databases (available on the Library General Database page): EBSCO Newspaper Source Gale Virtual Reference LIbrary (link is above the “General” and Subject-Specific tabs near the top of the page) Gale Newsstand

Using the “Write Submission” tab below to create a text box, please supply the following for EACH SOURCE: State your professor-approved Thesis Statement. This should be the same statement from the Week 9 assignment. Provide the title of the article selection you want to include. In your own words, briefly describe how this source serves to answer your Research Question and supports your Summary Paragraph and Thesis Statement. Find a direct quotation from this source and paste it in the text box below (this quotation should relate directly to your Thesis Statement and provide a good example of why you selected this source). For the in-text and bibliography (Reference Page) citations needed later, provide the following information to credit this selected quotation: Using the “Cite” tool in the database, copy and paste the APA-style citation in the text box below.

REPEAT the above steps for your SECOND Database Reference or News source. 

REMEMBER not to submit the assignment until you have completed BOTH sources. If you need to stop and continue later, use the “Save Draft” button. This will allow you to save your work and resume later. 

Please have this assignment complete and submitted via Blackboard by Monday, December 16 at 11:59pm.