Smgt 506 – discussion: financial trends in sports (module 1 & 2) | SMGT 506 – Economics and Financial Management of Sport | Liberty University

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Topic: Sport Industry Financial Trends

Thread: Using the trends identified in Chapter 2 of the text, research, share, and discuss a specific example found using resources external to the course.  It can be an example of a trend or an update on how a trend identified in the text is developing.  Avoid using specific examples from the text.  Include Biblical integration in the topic with a Scripture connection or reference.

Reply: With your reply, you can either expand on the initial post with similar, formally cited, specific examples or additional information regarding the original example(s) (be sure the additional information isn’t simply a re-statement of what has already been posted) or you can respond with a well-supported (based on formally cited information) counter point.