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Pretend you are giving an informative speech on each of the following topics.  Please create a creative, interesting, and engaging attention-getter for eachof the speech topics:

  • Eleanor Roosevelt used her position as First Lady to fight for racial justice
  • Lebron James is devoted to improving his community as much as he cares about winning basketball games
  • Four beautiful cities to enjoy when visiting Mexico 
  • Requirements for enlisting in the U.S. military (whether the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, etc.)
  • How treatment for depression has evolved over the past 100 years
  • How the United States is overcoming its critical shortage of nurses
  • The five steps in Crime Scene investigation
  • Five unusual, distinct, and uniquely satisfying careers that offer new ways to help others

PLEASE NOTE:  I am expecting a 500-word minimum with your initial post.