Summary Paper – Approaches and Outcomes for Conducting a Conference

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  Summary Paper – Approaches and Outcomes for Conducting a Conference

After completing the readings for this week, consider the following scenario:

You are a school leader and have completed several walkthroughs in the classroom of teacher, Ms. S.  Each time you have visited her room, you have left feedback in her mailbox – feedback which she appears to be ignoring. 

As you look around the room on this final observation for the year, you see assignments on the board with misspelled words, paragraphs on charts with grammatical mistakes, and work sheets on the table for reinforcement that do not pertain to the subject she is teaching. You also see evidence of bulletin boards that are not in keeping with the present season. You are disappointed because these are some of the behaviors you have mentioned to her in the past when you have observed.

You know that this teacher taught in a special education classroom for three years before, but because of health problems and upon the advice of her physician, she transferred to this self-contained classroom of third graders. She has been in this classroom for eight years and is a tenured teacher.

As you prepare for her annual evaluation, refer to the Approach/Outcomes as follows:

Approach Outcome:

Nondirective                             Teacher self-plan

Collaborative                            Mutual plan

Directive informational          Supervisor-suggested plan

Directive control                      Supervisor-assigned plan

Your text briefly explains these approaches/outcomes.  (Also see attached)

Submit a  two-page summary paper in which you consider which approach or approaches you will use in your conference with this teacher and your expectations of the outcome. Feel free to pull from The Supervisory Behavior Continuum that Glickman proposes in your text.