Summary Paper – New Teacher Induction

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  Summary Paper – New Teacher Induction

After completing this week’s readings, access and read the article below by Dr. Harry Wong. New Teacher Induction: The Foundation for Comprehensive, Coherent, and Sustainable Professional Development

Also, review the induction plan in North Carolina using the link below. The induction plan in North Carolina

As you access the link above to Chapter 3, reprinted from Dr. Harry Wong’s book, “Teacher Mentoring and Induction: The State of the Art and Beyond,” you will find Dr. Wong’s Seven Induction Strategies. On Page 55 of this chapter, (Exercise 3.1) there is a chart that shows his strategies, how applied, and the potential enhancement of the same. This is a way for you to look at the induction program in your own state and reflect on its effectiveness using Dr. Wong’s seven strategies. For example, the first of Dr. Wong’s strategy, “Administrative Support:” You can look at how that is applied in your school, and how you could potentially implement the strategy.

Submit a one-to-two-page summary paper using Dr. Wong’s Seven Induction Strategies as a guide.