Teaching Culturally Diverse Students ( respond to Kim )

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 Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts with additional suggestions for adapting teaching methods to varying learning styles. Offer examples from your own experience that will deepen your classmates’ understanding. 

Kim Spiegel

 I think the best things I can do is know my students so that I know what they need.  If my students are having issues with language and understanding, I would want to make sure that I had a ELS teacher there to help them.  I think by knowing your students you learn to know what they need to be successful.  I also think communication is key to helping students.  According to McKeachie & Svinicki (2014), ” The bread and butter of teaching is the act of communication as a two-way interactional process. You as the instructor usually communicate verbally. Students also communicate, not only when you ask them a question, but also non-verbally when they are listening” (p.12).  Students who may not understand may look away or down making it look like they are not interested in what is being said.  This may not be true.  It is possible that the students are not understanding so it will be important for me to communicate with my students and watch for clues that tell me something isn’t right.  It is also important for me to know about my students culture so that I am able to help them with issues that could hinder their learning experience.  It will also be important for me that my classroom remains a safe and unbias place where racism and bullying will not be tolerated.  I want to set an example for my students by showing them what it means to embrace other cultures.  I want them to see the differences in each other and celebrate those differences.  i do not want my students to fear differences.  I will also add visual aids into my learning so that students who have a hard time learning by lecture will also have visual cues to help them.  I will also use computer programs with close captions to help students who may be hearing impaired.  i want to set my students up for success, so by utilizing different learning styles I can incorporate all learners.