The Community College

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Research Paper: Write a research paper drawing upon your readings of the issues and problems facing many aspects of community colleges today. Select one of the statements below AND prepare a comprehensive answer of the topic and critically apply the broad conclusions to the improvement of a community college with which you are familiar. The research paper should include a sufficient number of sources from the three required textbooks and other recommended readings about the community college. The research paper should be from 8 to 10 pages, excluding the title page and reference page following APA manual style (6th ed.).

· Analyze the purpose, goals and expectations of the community college in its development in American Higher Education.

· Summarize the trends and patterns of funding used for community colleges in the U.S.

· Analyze and discuss the issue of career education in community colleges.

· Critically review issues related to developmental education in Community Colleges.

· Develop a proposal how a community college could develop a General Education program.

· Analyze and discuss the various forms of governance and administration that have developed in the community college system.

· Appraise and discuss the social role of the American Community College today.

Required Reading:

Cohen, A. M., Brawer, F. B. & Kisker, C. B. (2013). 

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College (6thed.). 

San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ISBN-13: 978-1118449813

Kozeracki, C. A. ed. (Spring, 2005).

New Directions for Community Colleges: 

Responding to the Challenges of Developmental Education. 

San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (See PDF file in Canvas)