The importance of data visualizations

This is a discussion questions so it would only have to be two paragraphs. 


Data visualization methods offer a different landscape for explaining situations using data. Graphical representations of information, if created properly, can make vital information more intuitive, contextualized, and accessible. Visualization plays an essential part in analyzing big data and simplifying complex data-intensive scenarios.

In this discussion, using the Viz of the Day webpage, select a business-focused visualization to debate in your post (you may have to toggle to more than one page to see business-specific visualizations). Consider the audience and purpose of the visualization you selected, and think about the strategy used to present the information and analysis visually. In your initial post, make sure to include the link to the visualization you selected, and address the following:

  • Why have you selected this one?
  • How does the author of the visualization address the audience?
  • How is the purpose of the visualization conveyed?
  • How does the visualization use color, ordering, layout, and hierarchy to prioritize information?

Viz of the Day web link:

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