The security program assignment | Computer Science homework help

The security program has been a huge success. Several of the PCS government clients have expressed their appreciation and increased confidence in the company’s ability to protect their program data and assets. Your company is now in the continuous monitoring phase and your information security analysts are performing routine assessments on the servers and workstations.

Based on your research for Unit 8:

  • Describe the importance of assessments in system and application security.
  • Describe some of the major challenges with this area of security and address why the job is never done.
  • Review the results of the vulnerability scan provided by one of your analysts for a client’s system. Explain ten of the failures found on the client system and how the PCS security program prevents these problems on the corporate network.
  • Conclude by discussing the relationship between assessments and the importance it has in continuous monitoring.

The requirements for your assignment are:

  • 1-2-page APA paper excluding title and reference pages
  • Provide at least two references and in-text citations in APA format
  • College level writing

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