Two discussions due Saturday before 11:59 pm

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Topic 4: Discussion Question 1 

Consider GCU’s Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work that states, “Therefore, we are convinced that the Christian life must involve compassion and care, not only for the spiritual needs of mankind, but also for basic physical needs that stem from poverty, oppression, and injustice,” when responding to the following discussion question:

The access to resources in schools will differ depending on the access to funds, SES, etc., for students and families. Discuss options available to students who may not have access to resources because of low SES.

Topic 4: Discussion Question 2 

Differentiation is not just for one specific population. Differentiation is meant to meet the diverse needs of all students.

Considering this information, how does differentiation benefit the needs of all students? Explain how you would differentiate for students during instruction to support individual students’ development, acquisition of knowledge, and motivation.