Using the turabian formatting methodology, that examines a concept

 The final research paper will be an 8–10 page research paper, using the Turabian formatting methodology, that examines a concept from Christian Thought highlighted in your readings, assignments, and discussions from the course, that impacts our thinking as Christians in contemporary society and culture. YOU CHOOSE YOUR RESEARCH TOPIC/FOCUS. You do not have to submit it to me ahead of time. You should clearly state the project or research question; identify the context for the issue/question; identify and define the individuals and their positions; summarize the issue/research question; and provide a well thought out and clearly stated conclusion. Finally, I wish to hear your thoughts on the matter. This is your opportunity to join the conversation and offer critical perspective that forwards the discussion of contemporary Christian thinking. As you identify your research focus, you want to ensure it is one rooted in history and in its impact on current culture. Do not teach a history 

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