Using your enterprise security plan proposal as a guide, write the


Using your enterprise security plan proposal as a guide, write the enterprise technical infrastructure security plan for the organization. The framework should describe the technology infrastructure

Plan as it relates to your chosen company. This document built for the future should be an ever-evolving document and will always be in a state of flux as the technical aspects of your infrastructure will be in the same state. This framework and its supporting documents address the need to both formalize a technology infrastructure plan and to articulate technology standards that guide management in decisions that best support company technology goals.

It should be a 4 page paper (a minimum of three pages of content) to discuss the enterprise technical infrastructure plan for the organization that you have chosen. It should include the technical aspects of your chosen company. All servers, workstations, telephony and answering systems (voice communications), operation systems, database systems, physical structures, logical structures, mobile connections by users, and any online structures (virtual systems or Cloud Service connections) should be listed and any planned implementation and schedules defined.

A link for an example of a Technology Infrastructure Plan:

it’s building upon the last assignments.  

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