Waiting For Superman Documentary Discussion

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     1. In the film we see several examples of schools characterized by a culture of low expectations and low achievement. Are there schools in your community that fit this description? What do you believe are the root causes of these chronically low-performing schools? What is being done to improve them? What should be done? 

2. Public charter schools were first envisioned as laboratories of innovation, where new ideas and strategies could be tested and best practices then implemented more broadly in traditional public schools. Although some information sharing has occurred, it is not a widespread practice, due in part to the isolation and at times distrust that exists between charter schools and school districts. How can public charter and non-charter schools learn from each other so that successful programs, practices and strategies are shared and broadly implemented? What can you do to support information sharing and collaboration between public charter and non-charter schools in your school district?

b) Comment on one of your colleagues’ response.