Week 1 om decisions chart | bbm411 | Wilmington University


In your Pearson MyOMLab, watch the following two videos:

  • Operations Management at Frito Lay
  • Operations Management at Hard Rock Cafe

Here is how you access them:

Log into your MyOMLab. 

Click on the “Multimedia” link on the left-hand side.

Select “1: Operations and Productivity” from the drop down box. Check “Video Cases” and select “Find.”

Video Directions

Scroll down and then you will see both video links: 

Video Directions part 2

In each video, the 10 OM strategy decisions are highlighted.  Note  the differences between operations management in manufacturing (Frito  Lay) versus in services (Hard Rock Cafe).  You will realize that  operations management is just as important in services as it is in  manufacturing.  

After watching both videos, select a company in either industry and  identify all 10 OM strategy decisions.  Then, briefly compare them to  some of Frito Lay’s or Hard Rock Cafe’s tactics. 

Use slides 16 – 21 in this powerpoint to help guide you: Chapter 1.pptx                  download                

Minimize File Preview

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