Week 6 Cyber Security-Written Assignment

What do you think of Judy Jackson’s behavior overall?
July 30, 2019
Examine pages 80-82 in Dreams from My Father. Start with the paragraph that begins,
July 30, 2019

Week 6 Cyber Security-Written Assignment

Respond to the Text Lab Project 16.2 (Objectives 1 and 2) on page 529.

  • Provide a short narrative on security techniques and mechanisms in protecting against spam activity.

Capture a spam Email message. View the Email header and copy the information to your assignment document. Only one email is necessary. You do not need a reference for this assignment. You only need to show the header information. No narrative is necessary.

Showing the Email itself is not sufficient. You need to show the header information embedded in the message metadata. Search the Internet if you need help capturing the header information. Points will be deducted if the header information is not present in the assignment. An image of the message is not sufficient. A narrative is acceptable, but header information must be presented.

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