Week 7 assignment-busn333 project management

 Course objective:

Identify key characteristics of a high-performance project team.


Case (located on pages 414-416 of the course book):

Read the Franklin Equipment, Ltd. case and answer the following questions:

  1. Evaluate the criteria FEL uses to assign managers to project teams? What efficiencies do these criteria create? What are the resulting problems?
  2. Why is it even more important that project team members work well together on international projects such as Project Abu Dhabi?
  3. Discuss the dilemma that Jobe now faces.
  4. What should Jobe recommend to Gatenby?
  5. Plagiarism attempts will be shared with academics and placed in student academic file.


  • Please use Microsoft Word
  • All work must be completed by the due date..
  • Place all responses on one document
  • Thoroughly answer questions posed using applicable content from the course book AND external sources, specifically from the library.
  • Make sure to thoroughly answer each questions posed–use APA headings to organize your paper.
  • Assignment must be in proper format (i.e. name on paper, double spaced, and use of in-text references).

Use attached Word document formatted template provided.

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