What factors predict substance use disorder in women?

Which of the following is a depressive disorder involving chronic depression of less intensity than a major depressive disorder?
July 31, 2019
Consequences of Family Dysfunction and Substance Abuse
July 31, 2019

Based on the below bibliography submission from last week (SEE BELOW ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR RESEARCH QUESTION AND REFERENCES, submit a revised draft of your paper with this additional information:  5-7 pages

  1. Five additional references that could be used for your research paper and include a 1-2 sentence description for each of the five additional references, explaining how they fit with the research topic and the research question proposed. Make sure that these references come from scholarly sources using library resources.
  2. A  very detailed outline of what you would like to cover in the intro/lit review of your paper. Write it as an outline and think about what you want each paragraph or section to cover. Paste your references into each section where the information from that article applies to the topic. Below is an example of the outline although the references have not been pasted in yet:
    1. Introduction or Statement of the Problem (e.g. Predictors of substance use disorder in women)
      1. Research question (E.g. What factors predict substance use disorder in women? For example, age, marital status, family history, stressors).
      2. Why is it important/implications  (E.g. xx% of women are active substance abusers; less likely to seek treatment; if we can identify who is at risk, may be able to direct them to treatment sooner)
    1. 2-4  page Review of the Literature (the following is an example for above topic):
      1. Brief description of  DSM V substance use disorder/addiction, symptoms, and any unique symptoms for women (Cite articles from which you will obtain this information).
      2. How widespread is it? Stats on substance abuse in general but also stats on chemical dependency in women (Cite articles from which you will obtain this information).
      3. List factors that put women at risk for substance abuse/addiction (Cite articles).
        1. Difficulty communicating distress or sadness (Cite articles).
        2. Job/work pressures (Cite articles).
      4. Demographic characteristics (Cite articles).
        1. Relationship between age and addiction/substance abuse (Cite articles).
        2. Relationship between marital status and addiction (Cite articles).
        3. Relationship between women and men and substance abuse


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