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Times are changing and education is consistently in the news. For this assignment, report on one thing in your field that’s the latest and greatest or, quite simply, not a positive change.

In about 2 pages of content:  In your introduction, please include the main topic you are choosing to write about. Share 2-3 reasons why you support this change, or why you are not in favor. To avoid point deduction, make sure your reasons are clearly stated (using section headers) and supported with the relative information you used to research this topic. Include no more than 1-3 sentences directly quoted from the information that you found to support this change, or lack of. Make sure to properly cite each of these quotes, including block quote format, if relevant. Include a conclusion section with your closing thoughts. Limit first person use. Make it about the reform (or lack of).

NOTE: Steer clear of the Red for Ed Movement.